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    • Package Includes:

      • (1) EXL-SQ65CX
      • (1) EXL-SQ6.5
      • (1) CANDY-X4B
      • (1) SB12A
      • (2) AMPKIT8

      The next up amazing complete system package has been put together by our own experts to help you make your choices easy and clear to get amazing sound coming from your vehicle. This package includes everything you need to get amazingly loud sound with very high sound quality. This combo includes a pair of our fabulous component EXL-SQ65CX series coaxial 6.5s and the tweeter counterparts to incorporate the perfect match of speakers that produce midbass, vocals, and highs to fill your vehicle with crisp and loud sound. To complete the speaker setup, we also combine our EXL-SQ6.5 with the components to complete you full stage of sound. Powering the coaxial speakers, we have our highly popular CANDY-X4B 4 channel amplifier that has been perfectly matched to produce the maximum amount of volume from your new sound system. To fill out the lower end of the frequency range we include our slim line SB12A subwoofer that fits virtually anywhere. The slim design allows it to be placed anywhere there is room and behind most truck seats as well. The SB12A is a powered 12-inch subwoofer and enclosure that will really bring out the deep end on your frequency range.

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