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50FT Medusa/Snake Audio Wire with 10 Channels RCA and 4 x 12Ga OFC Power Cables - 50ft

DS18 MDSA10/4.50FT

SKU: MDSA10/4.50FT
    • Generous 50ft wire length to reach any desired installation location
    • 10 channels of RCA Audio and 4x 12Ga OFC Power Cables crafted from 100% oxygen free copper
    • Tiffany style design RCA plugs for secure and reliable connections
    • Twisted shield design incorporated in the RCA wires provides protection from electromagnetic interference
    • Built to withstand all environmental conditions
    • This Medusa Wire’s flexibility and performance make it a versatile option for audio enthusiasts across all domains
    • Excellent all in one harness for connecting and external radio or DSP in a pro audio wall setup
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